• CH Jones Ltd a road transport company established.

  • Keyfuels a network of 7 fuel stations established.

  • Diesel Direct, the card as we see it today, is launched.

  • Keyfuels becomes a FleetCor group company.


Established: 1895
Network: 1,850
Customers Served: 500
Litres Drawn 2013: 1.2 billion


Keyfuels is the leading provider of fuel cards and fuel management solutions to commercial vehicle operators, managing billions of litres of diesel for some of Europe’s largest logistics and freight operators. Keyfuels is also supported by 25 resellers.


Keyfuels operates the largest wholesale priced network in the UK, with sites conveniently located nationwide to give fleets of all sizes excellent access for HGVs and LCVs. Keyfuels’ network is its key strength and has over 1,850 multi-branded sites, offering an unrivalled mix of supermarket sites, motorway service areas, oil company sites and truck stops across the country.



The card types under the Keyfuels portfolio are:
• Keyfuels Direct (with or without Tesco)
• Keyfuels PayG (with or without Tesco)
• Keyfuels card plus Allstar Card – single billing & data


Keyfuels’ product range offers fuelling solutions for fleets of all sizes, whether a large fleet buying fuel from their preferred supplier for delivery into the Keyfuels bunker network, or a mixed fleet preferring to use a pay as you go service.


To find out more about Keyfuels products visit www.keyfuels.co.uk


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