• Bramham-based oil company, Bayford & Company Ltd (Bayford) becomes a distributor of Keyfuels fuel cards.

  • Bayford wins tender, signing two-year contract to provide fuel card services for the Road Haulage Association (RHA).

  • Bayford launches InterCity Fuel Cards, initially operating as a separate business. RHA extends contract with Bayford for two more years to 2005.

  • Bayford acquires Central Fuel Cards. RHA extends contract with Bayford for two more years to 2007.

  • Bayford & Co Ltd acquires Route Mate. Bayford demerges its fuel card business as The Fuelcard Company UK PLC.

  • The Fuelcard Company UK PLC is acquired by FleetCor. The Fuelcard Company UK PLC becomes The Fuelcard Company UK Ltd and acquires a fuel card customer portfolio from BWOC Ltd. New state-of-the-art card processing system deployed – CIAO (Card Integrated Application Online).

  • The Fuelcard Company acquires Abbey Fuel cards.

  • The Fuelcard Company becomes an authorised reseller of the DKV card. The Fuelcard Company UK Ltd buys BWOC’s customer book.

The Fuelcard Company

Established: 1992
Customers Served:
Litres Drawn 2013:
350 million
Head Office:


The Fuelcard Company (TFCC) is one of the largest commercial fuel card resellers in the UK. Partnering with the largest commercial fuelling networks including Shell, Esso, Texaco and Keyfuels, TFCC currently serve over 19,000 business fleets UK-wide.



The extensive TFCC portfolio consists of 11 fuel cards including Shell, Esso, Texaco and Keyfuels.


TFCC also offer the Diesel Advance pre-pay fuel card. Diesel Advance is the first pre-pay fuel card of its kind in the UK and is unique to The Fuelcard Company. It allows businesses to ‘pay as you go’, by giving them the option to top up their account online, before purchasing fuel. It also offers the advantage of a fixed weekly price for diesel and an extensive network of over 1,500 multi-branded sites nationwide, including Morrison’s, Somerfield, Texaco, Jet, Murco and Moto.


To find out more about The Fuelcard Company products visit www.thefuelcardcompany.co.uk


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