12 running medals in 12 months!

Stuart Sharland, a Sales Executive based in Swindon, is embarking on a running challenge. His goal is to receive one running medal per month! Read more about his running journey so far.

I’m a Sales Executive based within the Swindon office. I’ve been in my current role for about five months but I’ve actually worked for the business before and decided to come back! As a Sales Executive, the financial benefits within the role are fantastic. The commission structure is great and the incentives available are excellent. I get along well with my team; my Sales Manager is the best manager I’ve ever had and very supportive!

Working within a sales environment will always have its challenges; overcoming customer objections is the key one. However, I love this challenge and I believe our training, business proposition and products are fantastic.

As I love challenges, this year, I’ve set myself the challenge of receiving one running medal per month. That’s 12 medals in 12 months! To achieve these medals, I’m participating in a mixture of marathons, half marathons, multi terrain and smaller races. I started my quest at the beginning of the year and so far I’ve got 5 medals. The races I’ve participated in include The Riverbank Rollick, The Mayhill Massacre, The Yeovil Half Marathon, The Resolution Run and The North Dorset Village Marathon. Having a different race each month gives me something to look forward to and more importantly the opportunity to support various charities along the way such as the Stroke Association and the Motor Neuron Disease Association.

Left; Stuart Sharland, Sales Executive based in Swindon.

Left; Stuart Sharland, Sales Executive based in Swindon.

Trying to arrange races that award medals has been difficult. Plus, juggling the races and looking after my 4 children has been quite the challenge but it’s also very rewarding at the end of the day. In terms of training, I regularly run so it hasn’t been an issue; it’s given me a greater structure to my running. I’ve also found that my training has given me such positive energy towards my role. I enjoy keeping fit and healthy. If I’m feeling healthy I think this is portrayed in how I deal with my day-today tasks; it makes more proactive.

It’s been fascinating being able to complete different races across the country. I can’t wait to get my 12 medals!

Stuart Sharland receiving a medal for one of his running challenges!

Stuart Sharland receiving a medal for one of his running challenges!

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