2018 Moscow Marathon

 On the 23rd of September, FLEETCOR Russia took part in one of the biggest marathons in Russia; the 2018 Moscow Marathon. It’s now the second year in a row that our employees have been putting their willpower to the test, taking part in vigorous training and competing with marathon runners from all over the country in the capital. Our employees had to cope with both the gruelling distance and torrential rain and winds.

“Despite the rainy and cold weather, I made sure to start the marathon in a positive mood. I knew that it was going to be tough, but I made sure to endure the struggle and my determination brought me to the finish line. I’m extremely proud of myself for completing the marathon and from this experience, I feel like I have overcome a great deal” – Eugene Yurchenko.

Taking part in the Moscow marathon is not only motivating and adrenaline packed, but also a big step for self-development. Our employees were able to represent FLEETCOR in the best way as well as better themselves.

“I ran my first 10 km at the Moscow marathon and it was awesome! Thanks to the FLEETCOR team; if I hadn’t witnessed how impassioned the team were after the Moscow marathon last year, I don’t think I would have applied this year. The team did extremely well this year, in terms of their efforts and dedication; during September they’ve set a standard of hard work which other employees should aspire to! The whole journey has been very inspirational.
- Anna Kostrova

Amongst our marathon runners, there some who wanted to achieve their pb time.

“I wasn’t too nervous about having to run 42km as this isn’t my first marathon. The first 21-23 kilometres went according to plan. After 23 kilometers, I had to run up hill for 7 kilometers from the high-rise on Kotelnicheskaya street and through Kitay-gorod area, Tsvetnoy Bulvar, all the way to Arbat. From there, I endured the notorious 30 km stretch, which took its toll on my legs. I was in agony for the last 3km and went into ‘robot mode’, trying to make sure my legs wouldn’t stop moving! The fact that the end of the marathon was near was the only thing spurring me on. After completing the race and receiving a medal, I fell onto the lawn near Luzhniki!”

- Artem Parasochka

Congratulations to all of our runners! We’re so proud of what you have achieved. Take a look below to see how superbly our employees did!

Our runners

  • Grigoryev Nikolay – 10km, 47:35:00
  • Yurchenko Evgeny – 10km, 50:03:00
  • Volkov Alexander – 10km, 52:01:00
  • Gritsiv Dmitry – 10km, 56:26:00
  • Menshikova Marina – 10km, 56:38:00
  • Kopaneva Natalia – 10 km, 1:00:42
  • Zhukova Daria – 10km, 1:01:35
  • Kostrova Anna – 10km, 1:04:11
  • Kim Tatiana – 10km, 1:05:35
  • Tonkonogova Olga – 10km, 1:06:00
  • Sivakova Nadezhda – 10km, 1:07:03
  • Tretvakova Olga - 10km, 1:13:08
  • Parasochka Artem - 42,2 km, 4:26:34
  • Khonvakin Igor – 42,2 km, 4:39:30



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