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At FLEETCOR, we’re very proud of our long serving employees; we’re always thinking of ways to recognise their loyalty and dedication. Brian McKee, Head of Operations, has worked at Keyfuels for 35 years. He explains his career journey and how Keyfuels has progressed.

I first joined Keyfuels on the 28th March 1983, 2 days after my 18th birthday. When I first arrived for my interview, the Manager of CH Jones at the time – Roy Stephens - was taken back, as earlier that day he had offered the role to someone else! Regardless of this, he still gave me an interview. During my interview, I mentioned that I was a big Walsall FC fan and sold programmes at home matches; this started a great discussion about football as Roy was a keen WBA fan. I also went on to explain my previous reconciliation work – which I undertook at a company on a Youth Training Scheme – around the chemicals they stored. This immediately grabbed Roy’s attention as he had a tank of Diesel at Walsall and could never understand why the stock was always short. I went through the possible causes of this, such as the temperature and dip loss, and Roy left the room to speak to a fellow employee. A couple of minutes later, Roy returned and said that his issue was solved! He asked if I could start immediately; my first role would be planning the fuel deliveries to Keyfuels’ 30 plus sites at the time, typing stop lists, entering manual stock sheets and reconciling the stocks at the Walsall site. 35 years later, I’m still here at Walsall and I’ve progressed to Head of Operations!

Brian McKee when he first joined Keyfuels in 1983.

Brian McKee when he first joined Keyfuels in 1983.

“If I could describe my past 35 years here at Keyfuels in three words, they would be fun, challenging and rewarding” - Brian McKee, Head of Operations.

As ‘Head of Operations’ for Keyfuels I look after a range of areas; I manage Risk, making sure that customers are holding positive stocks, I oversee all fuel deliveries into sites and make sure they have stock to serve our cardholders. I also work closely with all the major site owners and look to grow the number of sites accepting our cards. The reason why I have stayed so long is because I absolutely love how every day is different; there is always a new challenge and I work alongside great people who I can say are also friends, which makes it even more enjoyable. I’ve actually brought a number of key people into the business who have worked here for 20 years! We always stay in touch, respect each other and work well as a team. Paul Hammond, MI and Analytics Manager for FLEETCOR, is a good friend of mine and is also a keen Walsall fan. We always take our kids along to matches if we can! The only challenge I have with my job is that the days are never long enough.

Brian McKee, Head of Operations at Keyfuels.

Brian McKee, Head of Operations at Keyfuels.

I feel very proud to be the oldest server at Keyfuels. I have grown up and seen Keyfuels grow from a million litres of fuel to almost two billion. If technology hadn’t progressed then Keyfuels would have had to employ thousands rather than the 40 currently in Walsall.  I’ve also seen a considerable growth since FLEETCOR purchased Keyfuels in 2006; whilst our team at Walsall is fairly small, we are still very much part of a major company.

I hope myself and my team have helped to ensure we stay number 1 in the industry; people who work for me and whom we supply/sell to always comment on our integrity. Our team is very much like a family; we’re always looking at how we can improve and are always supporting one another. People who leave us always say they leave with a heavy heart and fond memories. I hope to stay at FLEETCOR as long as I add value to the business. It’s a great company and new challenges beyond fuel are really interesting; my goal is to support the business as we move away from Diesel in the future.

In my spare time outside of work, I’m very much a family man. I have two children, Eloisa and Owen, with my wife Luci; these two keep us young! Before I was married, every Saturday you would find me watching Walsall FC. These days, I go less frequently as I’m now a taxi service for my children!

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