A day in the Life of a Sales Executive

Meet Leee Robinson, one of our best performing Sales Executives in the UK. In this video, Leee talks us through a typical day being a Sales Executive at FLEETCOR.

Key skills of a FLEETCOR Sales Exec

I’ve worked at Fleetcor for nearly five years, having spent the previous 8 years working in the Insurance Sector. When I first started I couldn’t imagine myself staying here as long as I have; it was just meant to be gap filler until I got myself back into the Insurance industry.

Anybody who is self-motivated, organised and ambitious can succeed in a Sales Role; once I started to gain more knowledge of the business and the industry my plans changed dramatically.


Looking back I’m proud of what I’ve achieved whilst here – I was a close runner up in the Fleetcor employee of the year awards, and I’ve also been accepted into ‘Chairman’s Club’ which is an employee incentive for top sales advisors around the world.

“My advice would be to listen, utilise all the knowledge given to you & self-educate yourself about the market you’re competing with. I always try to welcome new starters and share my knowledge & best practice with people who seem keen to learn.”

Looking back, I wish I’d realised sooner that Sales is one of my strengths. As an Outbound Senior Sales Advisor my role is to contact businesses across the UK and promote the benefits of our various fuel cards. One of the best things about this role is that I know the harder I work, the more I’ll be rewarded! There are sometimes harder days when I don’t get any sales; rather than let this get the better of me, I try to use it to spurn me on & motivate me.

 “It only takes me about 15-20 minutes to get to work each day and I have plenty of time outside of work for a social life.”

Outside of work I’m a typical lad, so anything that involves sport, relaxing, eating out or the pub interests me!

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