Bringing together Service Operations in Prague

I'm Hana. I work as the ‘Operation Director’ in our offices in Prague, in the Czech Republic. What that means, is that I lead the customer facing teams as well as teams that work on administrative tasks in the background. The team support customers in 11 European countries as well as managing our own business network. We are a diverse and multilingual team with people that can speak up to 7 languages that support several different products and services.

For the past several years, the team was organised based on the product they support. Recently, we decided to bring the separate teams together and instead, organise ourselves based on the country they support. The majority of teams now support multiple products and 2 different lines of business; CCS, our brand in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as our partnership with Shell.

FLEETCOR’s partnership with Shell, involves us selling the Shell product card to small-to-medium enterprises across 11 European markets. We also manage these accounts, and process all transactions. We call this the Shell SME.

CCS, a division of FLEETCOR, is the largest provider of fuel cards and telematics services in Central Europe. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, it provides its customers in the region with a broad range of leading edge fleet management products and services.

We now find ourselves several months into the changes made, and we believe our operations and effectiveness is improving. We’re able to identify the best practices in both businesses and adapt our processes to our customer needs. Change is never easy and we needed to take a pragmatic approach if we wanted to get better at what we do. One of the first steps was to modify the structure within our Quality Assurance teams, as well as those in customer support departments, that I mentioned earlier. We’re also improving and aligning how we conduct our employee training, employee evaluation, and customer NPS (a customer satisfaction methodology) . This means challenging and fulfilling work for everyone involved.



The transition hasn’t been easy and there are many challenges. Specifically, the difference in the systems that are used by each business line. CCS and the Shell SME have different versions of GFN (our payment processing platform), different financial systems, and have a complete different set up of SalesForce, a tool we use heavily.

The fact that our structure is now split by country, people have been worried that they would now need to have knowledge about several products rather than just the one they supported previously. This change is still taking place now and people will need some time to adjust and we are doing our best to support our team members and help them be prepared for speaking with customers. One specific example is that we are organising a lot of activities together with other departments, where we help people cooperate and be successful.

As a leader, my main priority is to listen to people; identify their strengths and give them opportunity to grow in the new structure. In parallel, the objective is to build up a team of people, where both CCS and the Shell SME are all one team with the same goal; to be the best in customer support.

My work is challenging as I am needed to solve a lot of different issues. At the same time, I am able learn new things, technologies, and systems and I feel I thrive in this fast moving, innovative environment.

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