Catch up with our Digital Apprentice, Anisha.

Apprenticeships are a great alternative to University; you can earn while you learn and gain valuable skills and work experience. We caught up with one of our Digital Apprentice’s Anisha Dosa to find out how she’s getting on and what she’s learnt during her time at FLEETCOR.


The last time we caught up, I was on my level 3 Web Development Apprenticeship. After I completed this, I decided that I wanted to carry on with my studying here at FLEETCOR, so I’ve progressed onto my Level 4 apprenticeship in Software/Web Development.

I’m really enjoying my apprenticeship. Since I’ve started Level 4, I’ve been learning more about the software side to development. My apprenticeship allows me to spend one day a week carrying out ‘off the job learning’ and this lets me expand my knowledge and skills as well as taking any additional courses. I can then carry over what I’ve learnt and put it towards my day to day work activities for the business.

“The best part of my apprenticeship is being a part of projects where everyone will see the work I have created. For instance, like creating a landing page that will be viewed by the business and potential customers is extremely rewarding”.

Once I complete my Level 4 apprenticeship, I will have the qualifications and skills to move onto the next stage of my career as a Junior Web Developer, which is very exciting. In 5 years’ time, I aspire to be a front-end web developer.

It’s been great working at FLEETCOR; the company has allowed me to get involved with plenty of projects. Everyone is really friendly, especially my team who are always there if I need help. Working within digital has been fantastic and I’m always given the opportunity to learn new things.

“I would definitely recommend apprenticeships. I always thought University did not appeal to me since finishing college. I thought an apprenticeship would be an ideal path to go from after finishing college. It allows me to be able to work in a business environment whilst coming out with a qualification once I complete it”.

A Digital Marketing apprenticeship would be suitable for anyone with a passion for gaining skills within marketing as well as working within a company and gaining a qualification. My apprenticeship focuses more towards the Web/Software Development side dealing with the websites, but there are many opportunities within digital such as the SEO, Social Media and getting involved with email campaigns to get your teeth into.

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