Christmas at FLEETCOR Nuremberg

After a great year, we celebrated with a number of events across Europe and ANZ. It’s just one of the ways we like to thank everyone at FLEETCOR for all of their hard work. Here we look at a few highlights from Christmas at FLEETCOR Nuremberg.

Celebrating Christmas in the Nuremberg office

This year, our Nuremberg office celebrated Christmas with personalised advent calendars and by supporting charities including Johanniter Christmas Trucker.

“Christmas at FLEETCOR is a good time to reflect on my successes for the year, as well as set myself goals for the new year to get even better!” Oliver Ignjatovic, Account Manager

The team also had dinner and drinks for their annual Christmas party.


“I like the social events at FLEETCOR; supporting causes like Johanniter Christmas Trucker makes FLEETCOR more than just a place to work” Jörg Beck, Account Manager.

Organising Christmas for FLEETCOR Nuremberg

Each year, finding the right date for the Christmas party can take time - especially when you're looking to find a restaurant that satisfies the whole team!

“Spending time together with colleagues in a different environment than the office helps develop relationships, which are essential for our happiness and creating a positive work experience for all employees. The holiday season is especially a good time because we can all look back at what we’ve accomplished during the year. We look back with a feeling of pride and we look forward to the new year and the exciting challenges ahead.” Nicholas Lobkowicz, HR Director

As Christmas comes to a close, we’re looking ahead to 2018. We’ll be sharing our latest social events via internal comms over the next few weeks.

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This year, our Nuremberg Christmas events were organised by Karolina Wachocka. If you’re an employee and you’d like to help organise any future social events, please contact Oskar Ehehalt or Annika Elter for more information.

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