Christmas at FLEETCOR Prague

After a great year, we’re running a number of events across Europe and ANZ. Here we look at a few highlights from Christmas at FLEETCOR Prague.

Celebrating Christmas in the Prague office

This year, our Prague office celebrated Christmas with a charity breakfast and a James Bond themed Christmas party. Both events have had great feedback, with many employees sharing that the party was the best Christmas party yet!

“I enjoy the friendly Christmas atmosphere at FLEETCOR; it's a chance to stop hurrying and spend some time chatting to colleagues about our holiday plans... and tasting home-made xmas sweets!” – Michaela Fučíková, Quality Assurance Manager

Organising Christmas for FLEETCOR Prague

Having held many successful Christmas parties in the past, it can be difficult for the party organisers in Prague to top the previous years event. In addition to finding the perfect venue, the Prague team were keen to provide activities which would help bring the party to life. To compliment the James Bond theme, themed invites which were sent to employees months in advance. On the night, a photobooth and a laser shooting range kept employees smiling - as well as the complimentary banquet.

"Spending time together with our colleagues in a different environment than the office helps develop relationships, which are essential for our happiness and creating a positive work experience for all employees. The holiday season is especially a good time because we can all look back at what we’ve accomplished during the year. We look back with a feeling of pride and we look forward to the new year and the exciting challenges ahead. – Nicholas Lobkowicz, HR Director, Central and Western Europe

As Christmas comes to a close, we’re looking ahead to 2018. We’ll be sharing our upcoming social events via internal comms over the next few weeks.

Share your Christmas stories

These events were organised by our HR and Marketing department in Prague. If you're part of our Prague team and would like to help organise any future social events, please contact Aneta Černá for more information.

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