Could you work in the same office as your Mum?

Will joined FLEETCOR in August 2017, having previously worked at an independent UK recruitment agency. In his previous role, Will specialised in sourcing mid to senior level IT professionals for a variety of high profile Financial Services and Public Sector clients. He lives with Ellie, his partner of 10 years, and their 17 month old son James.

Do you know where your Mum works?

Before Fleetcor, I was the top performer in my previous role for a number of years and I’d become bored with the lack of progression after reaching that level. I knew I didn’t want to be an Account Manager, and I saw my next logical progression being to move into an in-house role with an exciting (ideally large scale) company.

I remember seeing a connection on LinkedIn ‘like’ a post from Elanor Hockin, who was searching for someone to join her team. The advert itself stood out to me as it wasn’t a 'standard' job description which was enough to make me apply. It wasn’t until the day before my interview that I really researched the company in depth (although that's not advice I’d give to a candidate now!) which is part of the reason I didn’t realise my Mum also worked here until my interview.

“The whole situation was strange and it’s still quite surreal; Mum has worked here for almost 20 years, and I first came to this building when I was around 9 or 10 years old to see Santa… now nearly 17 years’ later I work here too and I’m sat a few feet away from her!“

My family and friends think it’s hilarious; apparently I’ve always been a ‘mummy’s boy’ so they encourage Mum to embarrass me whenever she can. Can I just use this opportunity to confirm that I’m not actually on work experience, but a proud Talent Acquisition Partner for FLEETCOR? Thanks!

The best thing about working with your Mum

At first, Mum was a little less supportive; when I told her I’d been offered the job she didn’t even congratulate me as I’d forgotten to mention her in the application process - meaning she missed out on the 'referral fee' (FLEETCOR pay employees a pretty generous 'referral fee' for helping us find great people to work here).

Now I see her every day that I’m in the Swindon office. Secretly I love it, even if she does ask me if I want a chocolate biscuit every time I walk past.

“On my first day she came up behind me and gave me a cuddle with actual tears in her eyes saying how proud she was, then introduced me to the leadership team as ‘her son’ with no other explanation!”

Even though I work in HR, Mum respects what I do and would never ask me anything about the company that's confidential etc which I really appreciate. Mum allows me to be my own person at work and not just her son. It’s also great that I got exactly what I wanted from my next role; acting as a ‘go to person for recruitment’ means I have nonstop interaction with candidates of various levels and my internal stakeholders. It’s a ‘beautiful chaos’ and a constant juggling act of switching between being a ‘candidate concierge’ and a business partner.

“The hardest part for me is relaying feedback to candidates, but it’s also the most important part of my role. Good feedback can make or break the overall candidate experience, even if it means being honest and constructive about the areas a candidate needs to improve on. Whether it’s with us or somewhere else, good feedback can be empowering.”

Before I joined, I expected FLEETCOR to challenge me every day and ensure my professional senses were never dulled. It’s not always been easy, but the company has more than met my expectations – even if I do have to sit near my Mum!

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