FLEETCOR's first ever IT Hackathon held in Russia!

The first IT Hackathon in the history of FLEETCOR was held on July 30 and 31 in Moscow.

Employees from R&D, IT Infrastructure and Merchant technical support departments from Moscow and Bryansk took part. They were divided in 6 teams consisting of 5 people.

Teams needed to work together to find out a solution for the current business challenge - creating a better interface for organising information from various company systems and platforms.

This event gave the opportunity not only to find several solutions, but also a unique way to gain experience, open professional and creative interaction between technical specialists from different departments.

What’s more, the FLEETCOR Hackathon gave employees from both regions to get to know each other on a personal level.

"It was nice and interesting to be close to many developers and key employees who directly or indirectly influence the future development of the company and offer quite a variety of fantastic ideas" - Victor Chernyak, expert of the technical department of Bryansk.

Anton Kremnev, president of FLEETCOR Eastern Europe, opened the Hackathon. Ilya Astafyev, Technical Director, and Yuri Semenchenko, Director of the Merchant Technical department, presented the Hackathon's tasks and answered questions from the staff about implementing the Hackathon.

Then the most interesting stage took place; the generation of ideas and the developing of a prototype.

"The Hackathon was a true success. Working with colleagues and gaining this experience has made me learn more about the system. The timed tasks to come up with a solution, a prototype to implement and present, brought an element of challenge into our working process" commented Nikita Dayanov, developer from Moscow.

"It was good experience and an extremely interesting challenge. Working in a team with people from other departments gave me an alternative view of the problem" said Alexei Gurkovsky, a leading developer from Moscow.

On the second day of the Hackathon, the teams presented their ideas and prototypes to the commission, which consisted of Anton Kremnev, Ilya Astafiev and Yuri Semenchneko. This was the most important stage for all of our participants.

After all the teams gave their presentations, the commission faced the difficult task of choosing from 6 unique and worthy solutions; only one idea would meet all of the agreed criteria and would be the most effective solution for the problem and be implemented further.

The «Perspective» team presented a much-needed solution. "Perspective’’ stepped outside the box and not only came up with a way to correct current processes, but offered a new and ambitious solution to such a significant business issue. It allowed the team to present a more promising and new approach to the task.

Members of the team "Perspective":

  • Dmitry Krivosheev

  • Nikita Mikhailov

  • Dmitry Gromov

  • Ilya Ivonin

  • Alexey Morozov

We congratulate the team and wish them every success with the rest of project!

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