From Knaresborough, UK to Auckland, New Zealand - Part Two

We caught up with Telesales Representative, Lawrence Ahern, about his FLEETCOR journey and time in New Zealand

Last time we caught up you had just moved to New Zealand from the UK. As a quick recap, when did you start working with us and where did you come from?

I started working for FLEETCOR in October 2014 and previous to that I had no real dedicated sales experience.

I had come from a hospitality background and was looking to get into a corporate environment and really somewhere where I could learn some business acumen.

How do you feel your time with us served you?

I started at FLEETCOR as a Sales Executive with a hunger to learn about the industry. I feel that working at FLEETCOR was very much a symbiotic relationship for me, what you put in is what you get out!

I wanted to learn. Not only about my area of the business but how the commercial aspect worked. Fortunately I was encouraged by my immediate and higher management to take every opportunity possible to get involved in these discussions.

Having worked in the UK Sales business for over 2 years, I had been looking at moving to New Zealand as I hold permanent residency in the country.

I was thrilled to find out that there was a vacancy in the New Zealand FLEETCOR office and that I could land and walk straight into a job where I would already have a fair amount of background knowledge.

What was it like moving offices and locations with FLEETCOR?

Even though I moved to the other side of the world the FLEETCOR mantra is very much the same in the NZ office, albeit a lot smaller, as it is in the UK office I was used to.

The focus and values were very much the same. The sales team I was in again, albeit smaller, still celebrated wins together both inside and outside work and the overall synergy was what I had come to expect from working at FLEETCOR.

Would you recommend FLEETCOR as an employer and why?

I had been a bartender and bar manager for a number of years and touched on sales in tourism in New Zealand when travelling, but I wanted to get into was an industry with more transferable skills that allowed me to grow and shape my career.

My initial plan was to treat FLEETCOR as somewhere I could learn the ropes for a few months and found myself very happy for over three years having moved hemispheres in-between.

Looking back at the same 3 years now and other things that I could have done with the time; degree, study, diploma etc. I do not regret for one second any of this experience – furthermore I relish it!

I would argue that the skills and business insight that I learnt at FLEETCOR in my tenure were, for me at least, more worthwhile than any 3 year business course I could have completed in the same time.

If you simply make your aspirations known to management then FLEETCOR are more than happy to put in the time and investment (and they do see it as an investment) to allow you to succeed.

I'd recommend to anyone of any skillset, as long as you have the mindset to succeed.

Want to join the Auckland team?

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