How my University mentoring partnership got me into the legal industry

Get a glimpse into our paralegal Jessica Luu’s life at here at FLEETCOR.

I’m based in the London office and I live roughly 40 minutes away from the office. My favourite thing about working at FLEETCOR in the London office is working alongside such senior people in the business; learning from them and understanding how to adapt yourself in this kind of working environment. It’s a great experience working so closely with senior people so early on in my career.

A typical day is very varied; it can be working on a GDPR project, doing legal research on different topics, coordinating projects, creating legal templates or reviewing NDAs. My role is quite broad and exposes me to many different areas of law, which is something I really enjoy!

"Working closely with the Head of Legal, Natalie Salunke, has allowed me to learn about the work of an in-house lawyer in a multinational business. It has been a really big learning journey for me. When I step back and reflect on all that I have learnt, I see how much I have grown and know that there is so much more to learn; this really is the most rewarding part of the role". 

"I think one of the challenges that I face in this role is the inability to go over to someone’s desk and ask them questions I need in order to progress what I am working on. At previous roles, it has always been easy to speak to someone face-to-face which makes things much easier. However, as we have so many different offices at FLEETCOR, it was a struggle when I first started but I’ve learnt to be patient with responses and picking up the phone is the best next thing!"

I took part in a mentoring partnership with my University, Kent Law School. It’s a scheme that has been running for many years and students are encouraged to sign up to be partnered with an alumni lawyer. I first heard about it from a classmate who said that she was being mentored by a lawyer and thought this was a great opportunity to take part and grow my network. The experience has been very good for me and I’m very fortunate that my mentor (Natalie) was able to give me so many great legal opportunities.

As I was based in Canterbury and Natalie was based in Egham, it was difficult to meet up. So for the first year, I was exchanging emails and having some general discussions over the phone. Once I had graduated and was back home in London, we met up and discussed what I wanted to do in the future. At the time, I was working for my mum and had no idea how I would get into the legal industry. Expressing my concerns to Natalie, she offered for me to come and do a legal internship at her previous work place. Then, when my internship was over, Natalie invited me to work for her at FLEETCOR. I started off as a legal intern and then progressed onto a paralegal role three months later!

Right now, I’m currently studying the Legal Practice course part time at BPP University. It can be difficult at times to manage both, especially when it comes to prioritising work or studies. Sometimes I put my work above studying as the business needs are more significant. I would like to think I am managing quite well, but it is still early on as I have a year and a half left of my course. I usually study for my classes or do some revision during my lunch times and may stay after work in the office to revise, as it’s nice and quiet.

  • Full name: Jessica Luu  
  • Star sign: Libra
  • Loves (ie the things you love in life): Holidays!
  • Hates: Slow walkers that walk in-front of me.
  • Favourite food: Crisps (my guilty pleasure) – though it’s more of a snack.
  • Least favourite food: I’m not fussy.
  • Favourite drink: water (it’s good for you).
  • Hobbies outside of work: Anything related to photography, music, business, beauty.
  • If you could have three dinner guests, dead or alive, who would you invite and why? The Queen because I am a big fan of the Royals; Beyonce because she is a very talented and whoever else wanted to join!
  • Favourite saying: Work hard, play hard.
  • What did you learn last week? Too much to say here!
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? A qualified solicitor who has still more to learn about law!


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