"I never imagined my career turning out the way it did, but I'm extremely happy with how it has fallen into place!" - My FLEETCOR Career Progression Journey

At FLEETCOR, giving our employees the chance to progress and develop during their career is extremely important to us. Our ‘Quality Assurance Specialist’, Tommy van Neerven, tells us his story about changing his career aspirations and how he’s progressed during his time at FLEETCOR.

Meet Tommy van Neerven, our 'Quality Assurance Specialist' based in Prague!

Meet Tommy van Neerven, our 'Quality Assurance Specialist' based in Prague!

I’m originally from Eindhoven in the Netherlands. I graduated from the Koning Willem I College as a Multimedia Designer and could only find a part time job. As I had a Czech girlfriend at the time, who I met through Facebook, I took the plunge and decided to move to Prague! This was a very big step for me but I made sure I did my research and prepared the best I could. My parents were super supportive of my decision; they even helped me to move my stuff from the Netherlands to my new home in Prague.

From a young age, my career aspiration was to become a Multimedia designer. However, when I was looking for jobs when I first moved to Prague, I came across FLEETCOR. I was really intrigued by the company and applied for a job. In 2015, I started my role as a ‘Customer Service Specialist’ for the Dutch customer service team. Although I had little experience in the customer service field, I found that my background as a multimedia designer helped me out a lot, which was surprising to me! I always see everything through a ‘designer’s’ eyes; if I come across a problem, I try to apply it to my experience as a designer and think about how I would solve that problem as a designer.

"I believe that changing your perspective and putting yourself in the ‘customer’s shoes’ so to speak, is extremely useful, as it allows you to keep the customers’ best interests at mind, as well as communicate, work with and solve their problems as effectively as possible".

My pro-active attitude and my ‘designer perspective’ to problem solving didn’t go unnoticed by my superiors; I was able to climb up the career ladder and progress to my current role, as a ‘Quality Assurance Specialist’. I never would have imagined my career turning out the way it did, but I’m extremely happy with how it's fallen into place!

My current role.

My job now is to maintain the quality of our service. For example, I listen to calls from our Dutch agents with our customers to make sure they represent FLEETCOR according to our standards. However, although our standards and maintaining a high level of service are extremely important, it’s equally as important to make sure our agents feel comfortable on the phone line doing their daily tasks. That’s why we do coaching sessions with our agents on a regular basis, to help them improve and progress. We also offer refresher training sessions for our current agents, to keep them updated on new functions, new products or to simply refresh their knowledge of topics that they might not use in their role on a daily basis.

"Working in any customer service department can be tough, as customer service are always the first to deal with any issues that our customers are experiencing and not all issues can be resolved in a moment’s notice. Dealing with all the different departments within a big company like FLEETCOR can be challenging but the key is to keep your cool and to know the right colleagues to help you out on certain issues. Even though FLEETCOR has so many different departments, each of them have one goal; to provide a quality service for our customers".

My favourite thing about my job is problem solving or creating completely new solutions for difficulties our agents face on a daily basis. Gathering instant feedback from my colleagues, using my own experience with challenges to then come up with a solution and develop and implement it is extremely rewarding for me! What I also love about my job, is that FLEETCOR let me do some design work on the side! I have created multiple flyers and booklets for job fairs that FLEETCOR have attended. I also helped to create a poster for our #LoveFleetcor Valentine’s day competition, which was distributed to all of our global sites. I really appreciate being able to get involved with small design projects, as it allows me to continue to develop my design skills and show off other skills I’m capable of.

In my spare time outside of FLEETCOR, I’m currently creating some designs for T-shirt’s and other clothing! However, it’s still in the start-up phase at the moment and I want to build a portfolio of different designs first, before I publish anything!

Tommy wearing one of his T-Shirt designs!

Tommy wearing one of his T-Shirt designs!

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