Meet Laura, one of our Sales Executives

Laura Campbell explains her FLEETCOR journey so far and how in her third month she was already reaching 148% of her monthly target!

How long have you been with FLEETCOR and what has been your highlights so far?

Four months. My highlight so far has been hitting my starts target last month with 148% meaning a nice juicy pay packet this month.

What is it like working in Sales for FLEETCOR?

Hard work but it’s great fun and a very positive atmosphere. Everyone gets along so well and socialises outside of work too. The training team are fantastic and don’t make you feel daft when you don’t know the answers.

What are you looking forward to most from your time with FLEETCOR?

Getting better at what I do and earning more money.

Have your expectations been met?

Yeah, the training programme is really good and you’re not “let loose” until you have a good understanding of everything.

Would you recommend FLEETCOR as a place of work?

Yes, everyone who works here is friendly, fun and willing to help.

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