Meet our latest addition Max; a British Championship Kart Racer

My name is Max and I’ve recently started my new role as a Remarketing Development Executive based at Epyx. My role involves account management of medium sized vendors who are disposing of their fleet vehicles through the 1link disposal network and I’ll also be bringing new vendors onboard.

I’ve actually only started to work for FLEETCOR a week ago! What initially attracted me to the company was FLEETCOR’s reputation for being a fantastic employer; giving their employees great opportunities to develop themselves and be rewarded along the way. In my previous role, I worked for a software start up. I was closely involved in the running and launch of the business which has given me a wide range of experience from software testing to building a brand and selling it.

I’m really looking forward to working with companies and improving their efficiency by allowing them to have more control over their whole de-fleet process. I’m also excited to meet the interesting people I’ll meet and work with along the way. In the next 5 years, I see myself still working with FLEETCOR, pushing improvement in the way the fleet industry disposes of vehicles. I see the automotive industry as a whole changing considerably during the next 5 years and I want to help FLEETCOR be at the forefront of these changes.

As well as working for FLEETCOR, in my spare time, I’m a kart driver. I started kart racing almost 9 years ago and have gone from a complete novice, to being a front runner in the British karting championships. Ever since I started, I’ve worked closely with my Dad who has always been my mechanic. I enjoy working closely with him and the Jade kart racing team to develop my own driving and my kart that I race with. However, it’s the competition that drives me. Kart racing is extremely close racing; often there is less than half a second separating the fastest lap times of the whole grid (usually 30+ drivers).

I’ve raced in the British championships for the last 4 years. My greatest achievement is racing to get my first podium at this level in a relatively unproven kart and against very tough competition. What made this race really special is that my friendship group and family watched.

Finding a work life balance with my driving is relatively easy as most of the racing is held on the weekend. There are many skills that I’ve developed within my racing that I’ve transferred to help me in my career and day to day life. I’ve found that the most useful skill is keeping up my resilience. Also, never giving up has come as a huge asset as there have been many times that it seems the race is lost but I have been able to fight back an snatch a result.

  • Full name: Maximilian James Goldsmith.
  • Star sign: Leo.
  • Loves: I love my racing nothing makes me happier than coming out on top of a close wheel to wheel battle.
  • Favourite food: Would have to be a lean steak with hand cut chips and pepper sauce.
  • Least favourite food: There isn’t a lot of food that I don’t like but mushrooms are one of them.
  • Favourite drink: Gin & Tonic.
  • What’s your most memorable face palm moment? Probably having my wheel come off in the qualifying of one of the biggest races I had entered at the time.
  • What did you learn last week? I’m not sure where to start, I learnt a lot last week with it being my first full week at FLEETCOR.
  • Favourite song: Definitely depends on what mood I’m in, but probably Devils drop by Danny Byrd, it definitely gets me stoked before a race weekend!

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