Recognising hard work: Meet our 'Employee of the Quarter', Imran Sacha!

At FLEETCOR, our ‘Quarterly Award’ aims to recognise employees who deliver exceptional levels of performance, exceed customers’ expectations, actively encourage new ideas whilst acting as an ambassador within the team. Meet our latest ‘Employee of the Quarter’ winner, Imran Sacha!

My role: Senior Production Control Analyst & Application Release Lead.

When I first realised that I had won the ‘Employee of the Quarter’ award, I was shocked! It was really touching to read the special words of thanks I received from the Epyx Management and team for my hard work. I’ve worked at FLEETCOR for over 5 years and my job is to control and deploy code changes that take place during software changes and to develop new functions to core systems/platforms. My role also includes ‘Application Support’, which means I monitor these systems daily, to ensure that they are running smoothly.

There are a lot of challenges when releasing new software and many risk factors need to be considered. As we undergo new responsibilities as part of this process, new deployment software was introduced to ensure audit and traceability of these  changes that are applied to our production systems. Most of the deployment preparation takes place during office hours and then the deployment is undertaken out of office hours.

"I work very long days – often working outside of normal business hours – to ensure the work is completed and that the system is back online in a speedy manner."

Why I was nominated for the award.

I enjoy my job as it involves problem solving; I find it extremely rewarding, knowing that I have carried out projects to the best of my capability. One of the reasons why I was nominated for this award, was because I helped to solve a major issue with one our systems. We were facing some challenges getting our system back online due to the launch of a new ‘Octopus’ software. My priority was to identify the root cause of why the system wasn’t working and to get it back online immediately; I made changes and some hard decisions to ensure the system was back online and this took me until the early hours of the morning to fix! Because of all the issues we had that day, I ensured that I was on hand first thing in the office at 7am, so I didn’t get much sleep at all that night! Family, friends and work colleagues were really happy and proud to see me receive the award; I was over the moon to see that my hard work and commitment was recognised!

How to ensure you’re nominated next time!

The scheme is a great way to acknowledge our colleagues for their hard work and contribution within FLEETCOR. It aims to recognise employees who strive to deliver outstanding service.

"Be passionate and dedicated to your work! Getting recognised for your work is important, but this will only happen if your work demonstrates this" - Imran Sacha.

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