Relocating across the world for my career!

Hi! My name is Mohamed Fawzy Aly and I’m a Senior Network and Telecoms Engineer based in Prague. I look after FLEETCOR’s global network from Prague to support our branches in the US, the UK, Europe and New Zealand.

Ever since I was 13 years old, I’ve always loved computers. My dream job was to become a Computer Engineer. I’m originally from Egypt and I studied Computer Engineering in Cairo. However, during my studies I actually discovered that my passion was networking; I started to do a lot of reading and researching in the network field and specialised in Networking after completing my previous course. Once I graduated, it was a struggle finding a networking job straight away without having any prior work experience. This meant I had to start from scratch. I carried out a range of roles from being a part of a help desk, a Network Operation Centre Engineer, a Network Designer and then a Senior Network Engineer. Now, I have ten years of experience in networking and I absolutely love what I do! I keep chasing my dreams and believe that the key to working in different environments is to continually improve and develop your skills.

Mohamed Fawzy Aly.

Mohamed Fawzy Aly.

I have moved across the world for my career! I moved to New Zealand as a skilled migrant as there were opportunities for work within IT. I lived in Auckland, one of the biggest cities in New Zealand. Everywhere you go in New Zealand is beautiful! I lived five minutes from the beach (which I miss a lot now!) and it’s definitely a superb country for outdoor activities. I became a New Zealand Citizen so now I have a dual citizenship (50% Kiwi and 50% Egyptian)!

I lived in New Zealand for 7 years and whilst I loved it, I felt like it was my time to move on. New Zealand is very far away from the rest of the world and I wanted to experience living in Europe. That’s why I decided to move to the Czech Republic. Its location is amazing, as I can travel to so many locations by train which aren’t too far away; for example, within 2 hours I can travel to a different country which is fantastic! The Czech Republic is a nice country with an extremely rich history, very different to New Zealand’s for sure. There have been a few difficulties with relocating, such as the language barrier as not everyone can speak English. However, last December I started learning Czech! I attend 1 – 2 hours’ worth of Czech lessons every week and find that I’m making progress!

I came across my role at FLEETCOR quite soon after I moved to the Czech Republic and what initially attracted me to FLEETCOR was the scale of the company. I’ve worked in big ISP’s before in my previous role. Working in a big company means you’ll have significant responsibilities, but I enjoy these challenges as it keeps me on my toes and keeps my role interesting. I get on so well with my team; they were extremely welcoming, professional and we work well together. I am very proud to be a part of my team.

Mohamed on holiday in Egypt.

Mohamed on holiday in Egypt.

During a typical working day, I do a lot of network security changes to fit our network migration plans, get involved in network upgrade projects across Prague, the UK and New Zealand and create network documentations to make it easy for myself and my team to troubleshoot problems and understand the traffic flow of our network! As a network guy who is responsible for FLEETCOR’s global network, there is a lot of sensitive data going through the network; any small mistakes leads to a loss of data, so my biggest challenge within my role is to avoid any human errors and overcome these by building the network in a redundant design and investing more time in planning.

Currently, we have a lot of exciting projects coming up. Here in Prague, have to upgrade our network device in the Data Centre; right now we’re in our planning phase before buying new devices and configuring them. I think this will be a good project, as I’ll be able to get my hands on some new cutting edge technology which will push our team to learn even more!


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