Sales by day, Constable by weekend - Meet our Special Police Constables

At FLEETCOR Swindon, one of our employees Lucy Atkins is due to end her Special Constable training at the end of this month. She shares her story and how she balances her training with her day job.

Lucy Atkins – Special Constable in the training

I’m a Sales Executive based at FLEETCOR Swindon. I receive inbound leads from companies looking into fuel solutions for their business and part of my role involves outbound calling to businesses that I have built up in my pipeline. One of my favourite things about my job is the variety of businesses I talk to; no two businesses are the same!

I wanted to become a special so that I could gain some experience in policing and to see if it was something that I would enjoy. I’ve been training since November 2017 and the training is extremely intense! It’s all day every single Saturday and sometimes on a Sunday too. I also have a week day training session which I complete on a Wednesday. The training covers everything you could think of; we’ve gone through first aid, officer safety training where you learn to protect yourself and use handcuffs correctly. We have also covered legislation and different police and criminal evident acts.

Lucy Atkins; one of our Sales Executives based in Swindon.

Lucy Atkins; one of our Sales Executives based in Swindon.

Sometimes training can be hard. Working a full time job and having other commitments outside of work can make me tired and initially I found it hard to retain the information I was learning. But the trainers and officers are always there to lend a hand when we are struggling. I’m very excited but nervous at the same time to become a Special Police Constable, which will be on the 28th of April!

The support I received from my decision to become a special has been overwhelming! All of my friends and family keep telling me how proud they are of me! My mum even cried when I passed my final exam. My manager has also been super supportive. She’s always asking how I’m doing and has helped me if I have had to request holiday short notice to collect my uniform. My colleagues are really interested in my training and encourage me and motivate me at work!

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