Sponsoring innovation at FLEETCOR UK

Last September, FLEETCOR UK were excited to launch its first ever Innovation Challenge. Competition winner Jamie Macdougall talks us through his idea, and explains how the Exec team at FLEETCOR are working with him to make his concept a reality.

How we chose our Innovation shortlist

Over just 4 weeks we received 33 great ideas from employees across the business. Four of those ideas were then shortlisted, and presented to our leadership team.

“Originally we were aiming to narrow it down to just three finalists, but the ideas were so good we had to include an extra one. We selected finalists based on the originality of their idea, the opportunity to increase revenue, and the ability to improve our overall customer experience. Our colleagues are close to our customers, meaning they truly understand their needs. This type of competition is great as it allows us to tap in to that knowledge and develop solutions that our customers will really appreciate. Everyone who was shortlisted did a fantastic job – each of their presentations were interactive and informative.” Alan Buckland, UK Vice President of Product Management.

Picking a winner for our first Innovation award

Competition winner Jamie first saw the Innovation competition in an internal comms email which was sent out to FLEETCOR UK. He impressed the judges with his idea for a fuel management card which would give our customers increased flexibility, including where and how much they pay. This new card would also give customers the ability to pay for the service, maintenance and repair of their fleet of vehicles.

“I believe my idea would benefit FLEETCOR as currently no-one else in the industry lets the customer decide exactly what they want. I based the idea on something I used to do in a previous job; I created a wish list for what customers wanted, then put the package together as close as possible to give them what they wanted. It gives the customer more control over the sale and makes it work for them - rather than having to change the way they run their business. To have the opportunity to pitch my idea to the senior leadership team and then have my idea turned into a reality is unique and exciting; I don’t believe there are many more businesses that would do the same.” Jamie Macdougall

All shortlisted ideas are now being sponsored by a member of the Exec team, who hope to implement these changes after further assessment.

Take part in our next Innovation Challenge

We’re encouraging all FLEETCOR employees to look for ways we can make life better for our customers – and to share their ideas in our 2018 Innovation challenge!

Details of how to enter will be released via our internal comms team in the New Year.

In the meantime, don’t forget to share your employee photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #TeamFLEETCOR.