Swindon Digital Apprentices join global company

Apprenticeships can be a great career starter. Choose the right Apprenticeship, and you’ll get to expand your knowledge through on the job learning and training sessions. As well as providing a unique insight into the world of work, you’ll be working towards a recognised qualification. FLEETCOR Apprentices Anisha Dosa (Junior Web Developer) and Jordan Brown (Junior Digital Exec) share their story.

Digital Apprenticeships at FLEETCOR Swindon

Last year, our UK Marketing team worked closely with HR to create a truly hands-on Digital Apprenticeship. With so many different aspects to digital - including technology developments and trends, the team are kept on their toes.

“I’m thoroughly enjoying my Apprenticeship. I’m finding it interesting looking at the analytics behind the processes. Where I’ve worked before there wasn’t as much data analysis as it was a much smaller business. Now that I’m at FLEETCOR, it’s really good to get stuck in to the statistics to be able to make informed decisions. There’s always someone to help and support me if I need it, FLEETCOR are a very welcoming company. It’s given me a great opportunity to really try and thrive in the digital marketing world.” Jordan

Anisha and Jordan have already completed a range of tasks and projects within their team, including designing and building landing pages, building emails from scratch, and writing code.

“Working within the digital team is great. I always have tasks to do so I’m kept busy, and I’ve learnt so much already. It’s a great sense of achievement completing work that will help the team. My first impression of FLEETCOR was that the people within the company are all friendly and welcoming. Everyone is so helpful and always there when I need help.” Anisha.

Why choose a Digital Apprenticeship in Swindon?

In the past, many students struggled to break into competitive business areas like Digital and Marketing without relevant experience. A good Apprenticeship helps remove this pressure, as you’ll be getting hands on experience throughout.

“I wanted to get qualified and gain experience working for a big company and I’ve definitely been able to do this through my Apprenticeship with FLEETCOR. I’m on a large learning curve, and having people around me that are ready to help wherever they can has certainly assisted with my development. I’m usually busy with a few deadlines to hit, including coursework and my work schedule. I always have a lot to crack on with, and I’m looking forward to learning more along the way. It’s definitely been a positive environment to be part of.” Jordan.

With many UK Apprenticeship providers offering qualifications from GCSE up to degree level, work based learning is fast becoming a debt free alternative to traditional study paths.

“I’m just over half way through my Apprenticeship, and I have a few final study lessons left with my training provider. I have regular meetings with my Apprentice adviser to see how I’m getting on, and they give me extra support when needed. I’m really happy with the support that I’ve had from the team, but especially from my manager Kyle! Kyle is always giving me praise on the work that I do, as well as giving me feedback on how to improve. Once I complete my Level 3 Apprenticeship, I hope to progress onto a Level 4 Apprenticeship with FLEETCOR.” Anisha

Tips for finding the right Digital Apprenticeship

If you’re looking for a UK Apprenticeship, there are a number of sites to help you through every step, including gov.uk to help you find a work placement.

“My advice to anyone looking at an Apprenticeship would be don’t hold back! The sooner you do it the sooner you become qualified. I waited 5 months before I attempted to get an Apprenticeship, and during my first year I kept wishing I’d started sooner. Now I'm working my way into a full-time role in digital marketing.” Jordan

Once you’ve landed that all-important placement, be prepared to ask lots of questions and meet with loads of new people.

“Never be too nervous or shy to ask for help when you need it. As it’s a new job they expect you to ask questions, be yourself and get to know people in other departments. I’d also recommend any new Apprentices observe how others act around time organisation, and show enthusiasm for every task. You’ll need to be organised, and set time for ‘work related work’ and training work.” Anisha.

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