Swindon Dragon Boat Race!

Employees from FLEETCOR Swindon took part in a ‘Dragon Boat Race’ to raise money for the Swindon Guide Dogs. Nichola Lunt, Head of Inside Sales, tells us more about the action packed day!

The Dragon Boat Race is run by the Swindon Phoenix Rotary club and is an annual event held at Coate Water. The teams that take part in the race are from all over Swindon; these include local and national businesses, groups, clubs or just friends and family wanting to have fun! Teams are formed of 16 – 20 people in a Dragon Style boat and we all have to race each other in heats! Then, the best of the best continue through to the final.

We decided to take part as we figured it would be lots of fun; we felt it was fun for departments to join in together in a competitive environment! Our chosen charity was the Swindon Guide Dogs. We already have a number of employees who support this charity already so we felt as a social team this was a worthwhile cause.

The day was amazing! It was such good fun and we laughed a lot. Chelsea Wakenshaw was our drummer; she can’t swim and cried when she got on the tiny chair at the front of the boat! Leee Robinson was very hungover in the morning and got a face full of water which certainly didn’t help his hangover. The funniest thing was that we thought we completed the race in a decent time when in fact it was laughable how bad we actually were! We definitely need to work on our technique…we came 2nd from last.

We had quite a lot of employees showing their support; a few employees’ gave us £3 sponsors through a text message system organised by the event and quite a few also came to watch the event! Next year, we definitely want a larger crowd though!

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