Taking our CARNET technology to a new country

David Fort, our CARNET Team Leader, explains more about his role and how we’re taking our CARNET technology to a new country.

My role, as you can imagine, involves everything about telematics. It starts with the vision and strategy regarding the development of our product which includes our hardware and the CARNET software. My day starts with tea or coffee (depends on what I’m fancying on the day), lots of emails and setting out a daily plan based on urgent tasks. The rest of the day tends to differ but I spend most of my time with the team, solving problems, analysing and creating new things, whether it be a new functionality or new hardware etc. Every day is extremely different!

The most rewarding thing about my role is probably the end result of the work I’m carrying out but also when the whole team is satisfied with their work and that our customers are happy with our products. It’s really amazing to actually see the influence our products have in day to day life, such as our driving styles to help drivers achieve lower consumption and safer driving. CCS is a great place to work because we’re a transparent and ethical company that produce meaningful products which make doing business and day to day living easier.

CARNET technology is an in-house developed, sophisticated hardware with many different kinds of inputs installed and connected to your vehicle. This on-board unit collects information about position, heading, speed, altitude etc. and combines it with information from inputs (such as digital, analog, counter, rs323, CAN) as well as information from the cars on-board computer. This data is sent to the CARNET system where it is analysed, calculated and combined with fuel card information and other data. The final result shows that information available for customers on both desktop and on a mobile app.

Previously, CARNET has only been implemented in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It was created in the Czech Republic based on our customers demand and technological possibilities and then a few years later implemented in Slovakia. Cooperation with our Slovak customers was quite easy as we speak more or less the same language. However, the legislation over there is different and from this, we learnt that legislation needs to be configurable in such a system.

As FLEETCOR sell fuel cards in Poland, CCS is now making CARNET available in Poland. CARNET is a perfect supplementary product (based on experiences from the Czech and Slovak markets) for providing extra value for our customers. CARNET is developed in Prague, which has lower costs compared to systems that originate from the US or Western Europe. I believe this move will be a success and a potential next step would be CARNET in the rest of Europe.

So far, we’ve had no technical challenges with implementing it in Poland! We localised the system with translation, legislative changes and white labelled the user interface. The bigger challenges involve communication with local partners due to language barriers and some specific Polish legal differences. The CARNET team is used to challenges and we quickly make decisions on how to handle anything that comes up.

Our goal after finishing the implementing process, is to get as many new, satisfied customers as possible and to deliver the best service we can. I think Poland is just the start of this expansion and that CARNET in Europe is an opportunity we simply shouldn’t miss!

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