Team Spotlight: Customer Management

Meet our Customer Management team. They’re our first point of call for any customer queries. Read on to learn more about what they do and their life here at FLEETCOR.

Briefly describe what your day to day role entails:

Chelsea O’Neill, Corporate Support Executive: Working as a Corporate Support Executive involves supporting the Key Account Managers with tasks or enquiries from their customers and liaising internally to ensure that teams work together. Alongside this, I support the Bid Manager with tenders for new customers, which includes mapping sites to postcodes given from potential customers. Likewise, I work closely with the marketing team to send out communications to customers and internal marketing briefs.

Liam Davies, Customer Account Executive: Day to day, I manage the overall stability of business solutions accounts from sorting out card orders to restructuring accounts for our customers to have the most streamline service possible. Beyond that, I catch up with my customers on a frequent basis and conduct quarterly reviews to assist our customers in managing what they spend. The scope of work is vast and each day is different.

Amy Thomas, Customer Service Advisor: I take outbound and inbound calls from corporate customers/drivers and emails.

Alfie Holloway, Senior Customer Account Executive: My day usually consists of calling through my portfolio of customers so that we can ensure the products and services we are offering are working to the best of their ability. This also allows us to highlight any problems that they may have or to combat any issues before they occur. The other side of my job is dealing with inbound emails and calls from my customers, dealing with their requests or issues.

Chelsea O'Neill

Chelsea O'Neill

What attracted you to join? 

Amy: The opportunities to progress.

Liam: I wanted to join FLEETCOR as they are one of the leading business solutions providers in the UK and I have always strived by taking leading roles.

Alfie: I have always enjoyed working in a customer facing environment, and being able to be responsible for your own portfolio of customers seemed like it would be rewarding as you are able to be fully responsible for their experience with you and the company. 

Chelsea: I joined last year after leaving University and was attracted by the various opportunities presented by the company, especially progression.


What are you most proud about when it comes to your role?

Alfie: The thing I am most proud of in my role is the ability to help customers grow as businesses with the products we offer. You can go from working with a customer who has 1 vehicle, to seeing their fleet grow to over 100, which is very rewarding to see.

Liam: What makes me feel proudest about my role are the times where I truly make a difference to a customer, whether that be by reducing their overall fuel and expense cost or by making their lives far easier. You find that these customers stay very loyal and a strong relationship comes out of this.

Amy: Looking after the tarmac account and the capita account.

Chelsea: I’m very proud of the fact that I am the first person to take on this role within FLEETCOR. This has allowed me to develop the role and take on various tasks to find my own flare.

Amy Thomas

Amy Thomas

What impact does your role have on customers?

 Alfie: I am the first point of contact that my portfolio of 400 customers have, so any issues that occur or arise I am the person to deal with them - we play a vital role in the customer experiences.

Chelsea: My role helps to support both the account managers and customers; I am another point of contact if they have any urgent queries and are unable to get hold of the account manager when they are on the road.

Amy: My impact helps drivers if they’re stuck in a garage and help action queries for administrators.

Liam: I would say all in all that my impact on the customer experience is very positive. There will always be times where a customer’s request is outside of our abilities but I manage these expectations from the off-set and try to find a compromise where both parties are left with a positive feeling.


What is the most challenging thing about your role?

Chelsea: Keeping everybody updated and informed.

Liam: The most challenging part for me is understanding and accepting that you can’t make everyone happy. This job can throw some real challenges your way and sometime, the best solution isn’t the most desired.

Alfie: Unfortunately with our role it isn’t always plain sailing working in a very competitive market. Customers can call in with large or historic issues and working out a resolution when a customer is angry or upset can sometimes be very challenging.

Liam Davies

Liam Davies

What inspires you? 

Liam: Simply, my team and department manager; they inspire me to do the best I can do by recognising the good that we do.

Alfie: We are responsible for securing both volume and revenue for the business through our interactions with our customers. Offering the best service to our customers in turn helps the business succeed and there are many opportunities for personal recognition and reward when you deliver this week on week.

Chelsea: I am inspired by the prospects of building my career and developing my knowledge and understanding. I like to learn as it allows me to thrive in both my life outside work and within work.


Can you share a fun fact about your team?

Amy: There is never a dull moment on our team!

Liam: We are more like a family than a team. We help each other because we can, not because we have to.

Chelsea: If you add up all the years of service with FLEETCOR within the team, we have a combined total of 104 years in total!


What song best describes your personality?

Alfie: The Beatles – Let it be. I’m very laid back as a person and don’t often let heated situations get to me.

Amy:  ‘Happy’ – Pharrell Williams

Chelsea: ‘Happy’ – Pharrell Williams


What do you like to get up to when you’re not in the office?

Chelsea: When I’m not in the office, I love spending time with my puppy Luna (short for ‘lunatic’) and getting together with family and friends. My family are a massive part of my life and a great influence, I do not know what I would do without them.

Amy: Gym classes, trying different food places and napping!

Liam: I love spending time with my loving partner and my new-born little boy; there is nothing more precious to me and my time than them. 

Alfie: Outside of the office, I tend to go to the gym most days after work. I’m a big football fan and support our Local Club Swindon Town, going to their home games most weekends. 

Alfie Holloway

Alfie Holloway

Advice you’d give to someone considering a career in Customer Management? 

Chelsea: Take on every challenge and allow yourself to develop in both a professional and personal manner.

Alfie: Be prepared for the positives and the negatives. It can be a rewarding job but there will always be issues and speedbumps that you have to overcome – so make sure you are ready for both sides of the role. Overall, the positives do outweigh the negatives.

Liam: ‘The customer is always right’ is purely a saying. Your job as a customer manager is to protect the interest of the company as well as the interest of the customer but sometimes, you have to do what is right but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing the wrong thing. Be confident with your decisions.


Tell us something people might not know about FLEETCOR?

Alfie: FLEETCOR’s benefits are fantastic, and there is a huge support network in place for when things might not be going to plan. From our vitality rewards to smaller team incentives, this helps always keep you motivated and driven.

Amy: FLEETCOR is not a call centre environment! There is more variety of job roles here than you would think.

Chelsea: Every first Thursday of the month we have a free cake day in the office!


Sum up your career at FLEETCOR in one word!

Liam: Promising.

Chelsea: Opportunistic.

Alfie: Prosperous.



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