The view from a leaver

We asked Syahidahnatrah Pula, a recent leaver, about her time with us in Prague, Czech Republic and what she will miss the most about the team.

Why did you decide to go to Prague?

I'm a global trotter. I haven't been to middle/central Europe yet. So it seemed like a perfect opportunity to come and explore new cultures.  

What made you want to work with FLEETCOR?

FLEETCOR's dutch team just launched a year ago. I thought it was a good way to learn from a company that triple their revenue within 5 years.

What would you recommend to others if relocating to Prague?

Just bring a suitcase and a smile! FLEETCOR will take care of you from a to z.

Oh, and they have 25 vacation days and they take care of your insurance.

What surprised you the most?

I’ve been going to Letna park at least once a week over the last three months and it still takes my breath away whenever i go there.

What is your best experience from Prague?

Appreciating the little things in life without a price tag. They have many parks and the views are priceless. How beautiful the city is. Full of history, nice hangout places and you’ll meet great people weekly.

Prague is so central and their public transport is super! You can travel to all their neighbor countries within a few hours! 

Do you think that everybody can do the customer service in FLEETCOR?

FLEETCOR has a very supporting team. Everyone is willing and ready to help you. So everyone who is willing to work are able to do it! 

What is your motto/recipe for success?

Find a job you love and you'll never have to work again! 

What will you miss about FLEETCOR?

The team.

From day one the HR department did mooooooore than needed. They help you through everything and really take care of you. From work details to supermarkets or even best recommendation where to go for a hairdresser. Czech is a complete different language nothing looks the same as dutch. So i'm really thankful for them.

Maria (supervisor) is simply amazing. I've learned a lot from her. She was there for me 24/7 and yes INCLUDING WEEKENDS. All the team mates made me feel at home even when home was 673km away. 3 months flew by.

PS: there wasn't a day that went by without laughing and i'm really going to miss them.