Transforming the way Sales operates in Central Europe

Meet Kevin Schuler, our new Sales Director in Prague. He discusses his career and plans to transform the way Sales operates within Central Europe.

Before I joined FLEETCOR, I was the Head of Southern Europe for Vodafone. I am proud of many things I achieved in my previous role which I believe make me suitable for my role now. This includes building Vodafone’s Southern Europe’s Inside Sales organisation from the ground to drive sales efforts, developing sales strategies to improve customer buying experience across an extensive solution portfolio, implementing a value driven sales strategy and associated metrics and changing traditional culture-led selling models.

I discovered FLEETCOR when I was approached by an ex Vodafone Colleague asking if I was interested in joining the company. I was attracted to the role by the initial conversation I had with FLEETCOR’s Managing Director of Central Europe Jan Polívka, its business growth potential and being based in Prague. When I first joined, I was made to feel very welcome and settled in from the first day. I’m really excited for the opportunity to contribute with the shaping of direction of FLEETCOR Central Europe; and leading the Sales & Marketing organisation tasked with delivering the revenue associated with growth.

Kevin Schuler, our Sales Director based in Prague.

Kevin Schuler, our Sales Director based in Prague.

During a typical working day I have discussions with colleagues from various parts of the organisation to gain a better understanding of their engagement with the Sales and Marketing organisation. I also attend/be part of /or lead internal discussions related with enabling, or delivering work associated to launching Marketing initiatives and Sales deliverables, monitor and analyse Sales performance and much more! The most rewarding thing about my role is people becoming an example of success in the organisation, the team enjoying success after adopting and applying what they have learnt and if the strategy works!

I want to transform the way Sales operates in the region. To implement this, there are a number of things that I’d like to do:

  • Market and verticals segmentation.

  • Shift from transactional to value proposition sales approach.

  • Restructuring the Sales & Marketing organisation.

  • Implementation of a consistent Sales process and methodology across all sales teams.

  • Adoption of one single sales monitoring and reporting tool.

  • Implementation of sales enablement technology across all sales teams.

  • Make accessible and available the full product portfolio spectrum to all sales teams.

  • Promote internal collaboration.

  • Establish a consistent coaching plan aimed at driving high performance across all teams.

  • Promoting a leadership approach within the Sales & Marketing management team.

  • Identify solutions, rather than focus on problems.

My advice to those starting a new role within a new company is to invest time in understanding how the business works and how it is structured, investing time in getting to know and develop a working relationship with as many colleagues as possible in the organisation (locally and global) and take the initiative; don’t wait for things to happen.

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