Walsall's LEGOLAND Adventure!

At the beginning of June, employees from our Walsall team went on an exciting adventure to LEGOLAND!

Rachel Siciliano Aitken – Diesel Desk Team Leader

We’ve looked at LEGOLAND as a possible event for a few years now, but always ended up organising different trips for various reasons. However, this year we decided to go through with it as it was a popular suggestion from staff and is a trip that people might not go otherwise due to its distance.

We received a lot of interest about the trip but eventually it boils down to whether there’s availability for the date you’ve picked; our first date selection was the royal wedding in Windsor! We quickly changed it when we realised that traffic and road closures would be a nightmare. On the day, we had 27 adults and 17 children.

"Everyone made their own way to LEGOLAND with a meeting time of 9.30am – 10am; it was an early start, some people even booked a hotel for the night before! Tickets were given out – we actually covered the cost of entry tickets and parking - and everyone went off either in their family/friendship groups or in larger groups if they chose. It was an absolutely fantastic day out and everyone had a lot of fun exploring LEGOLAND!".

We try to arrange a variety of events to suit a range of different people; some are adult only events and some are for families. The idea of the committee is to organise activities which include some form of team building and a number of social events, as a thank you for all of our employees’ hard work. We have organised zoo trips, meals out, bowling, comedy clubs, seaside trips and our annual summer BBQ which is always a big hit! Being able to involve our staff’s families to some degree is lovely as it really gives our company a family feel.

Natalie Logan – Site Reconciliation

A big thank you to the Keyfuels team who organised a great family trip to LEGOLAND, we enjoyed every moment.

Laura Hosell – Projects and Data Solutions Analyst

LEGOLAND was fantastic! There were so many things to look at and it’s amazing how many things are actually made of Lego! I would say my highlight was walking round the miniature village; there was so much detail in each of the sets. Whilst we were walking around, my niece was pointing towards the top of a building and told me to look at the pigeons sat on the roof…turns out that they were actually made of Lego!

Chris Lovelock – Technical Operations Analyst

Legoland was a worthwhile trip. The journey was fantastic due to the time of day. Sun was blaring and everyone had a smile on their face. Starting on the rapids was amazing; it got everyone in the mood for a good day. The Dragon was the best ride there by far, but my 7-year-old nephew loved the driving school. Getting his license was his highlight of the day. Personally, my favourite moment was my nephew saying “I don’t want to get my BEST clothes wet” seconds before I poured a bottle of water over him. He loved it…

Rukia Kazi – First Line Infrastructure Support

Just want to thank everyone who organised this outing, my kids absolutely loved it! They kept on saying ‘mummy you work at a great place!’ I was very pleased with the day but I think you need two days in Legoland just to enjoy everything. I didn’t know about the water park side so did not take swimming clothes for the kids but my kids didn’t care; they didn’t mind getting wet! But overall we all had a great time!

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