What would you do with £1000? Read more about our employees' successful candidate referral stories!

Here at FLEETCOR, our candidate referral scheme is designed to reward our current employees for introducing even more talented people to join the company. Our employees can refer a friend, a family member or somebody they used to work with for a permanent vacancy at FLEETCOR. In return, they’ll receive £1000 tax free! Take a look at what some of our employees, who have took part in the scheme, have to say.

Josh Parker

The process of referring a friend was very simple! All I had to do was fill in a referral form to the recruitment team and they called my friend the same day for a telephone interview. I’ve always mentioned to my friends that they would enjoy working at FLEETCOR, so when I looked into the scheme, I knew I had to get as many of them involved as I could. Plus, the £1000 incentive was a nice bonus!

So far, I have referred three of my friends to FLEETCOR; 2 of which have been successfully recruited! All of them have a strong background in sales, so I thought that they would fit in well with the company. I’ve worked with them before at other companies and enjoy the natural competition we have between us!

I’ll be receiving £2000 in a few weeks for my successful referrals! I’ve been saving up to purchase my first home, which is really exciting! Originally, saving money for my deposit was going to be a bit tight and I wasn’t going to have a lot of money left over to my furnish my flat. But now that I’ve taken part in the scheme, I can buy the things I need to make my flat homely!

“I’m so glad I took advantage of the candidate referral scheme! I’ve never heard of a company giving such a generous reward for referral schemes; when I told my family about it, they were amazed! Because of the success I’ve had, I’m planning on referring more people in the future!”.


Trudy Herbert

I decided to refer my daughter, as I thought she would be great in a customer services role.

“I also wanted her to join FLEETCOR, as they offer very good employee benefits - such as a personal pension scheme, private healthcare, dental plan, childcare vouchers and more – and a stable career”.

Trudi and her daughter Isy!

Trudi and her daughter Isy!

Isy has worked at FLEETCOR for nearly 3 months now.  She works in the contact centre, answering inbound customer calls and emails; she’s really enjoying it. Although we can see each other from our desks, we don’t spend too much time together as we’re both quite busy, but we enjoy our journeys to and from work together. Any time spent with her is precious and I love working in the same office as her! We’re not just mother and daughter, we’re best friends too!

I think the candidate referral scheme is great; the process is very simple and I personally don’t know anywhere else that offers an incentive this large. I’m putting the money I received towards a new king-size bed, which I’ve been wanting for a while now!

Laura Mundy

The TFCC Account Management team really needed support and a new team member. I knew that my friend would be perfect for the role, as she’s very adaptable and a fast learner, which was crucial. In order to refer her, all I had to do was fill in a form, entering my email address and my friend’s email address; it was that simple!

My friend was successfully recruited and I received £1,000. Because the process was so easy to do, I ended up referring another friend who was looking for work in sales and received another £1,000! I’m currently putting the money towards buying a new house!

“I would 100% recommend that employees take advantage of the scheme, as who doesn’t want to be £1,000 richer, just by filling in a simple form?!”

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