Who would move from the U.S to Swindon?

Meet our latest addition to the UK Fuel Card Team, Kun Li!  Kun previously worked in revenue management at FLEETCOR Atlanta, managing several businesses such as Telematics and Comdata MasterCard to name a few. Kun initially visited the UK last year, to temporarily help with the UK budgeting process. Now, he joins us as Director of Revenue Strategy and is based at Swindon. 

Meet Kun Li

The hardest thing about moving from the U.S is the five hour time difference. My family still lives in the U.S, so it’s hard to stay in touch with them during the week. They’re aware that moving to a new country by myself will be difficult at times, but they’ve been extremely supportive, as they know that the move will be beneficial to me! I’m looking forward to experiencing the UK’s culture and learning more about Swindon and its history!

My new role here at FLEETCOR Swindon is Director of Revenue Strategy. To explain this in simpler terms, the ultimate goal of every business is to make money. My responsibility is to brainstorm new revenue ideas; making sure they’re implemented properly so that we have a steady revenue growth which could include growing sales, providing new products and so on.

So far, it’s been very busy but exciting! I’m learning about three completely different and new business models in order to understand how the business works, what strategies and initiatives I can use to drive revenue growth and be creative with my approach! There have been a few challenges, as I’m having to learn a tremendous amount of things, but these challenges help you to grow as a person. My team are fantastic and are always on hand to help.

"One thing that I really love about my job is making a real impact to the business; I’m able to come up with ideas, then implement each idea and see whether they make an impact. If my ideas result in a revenue growth for the business, it’s always a big achievement for me!"

I’ve noticed that with working for FLEETCOR in Swindon, I feel like I have a better work-life balance. Plus, the food here is great and is a decent price; I’m quite lazy and don’t cook that often, so this certainly helps me out! There’s a lady that comes by the office every Tuesday and Thursday, with a whole range of delicious cakes, tea and coffee. When I first saw her come into the office, I was shocked as I haven’t seen this at work before! I think the food here is definitely one of my favourite things about moving!

My favourite activities outside of work are hiking and camping. I’m eager to continue these whilst living in Swindon; it’ll be fun exploring some of Swindon’s walking routes. I’m also enjoying watching UK Football on TV; it’s actually inspired me to join a local club, as it used to be my favourite sport as a kid.

"If you’re thinking about transferring abroad for work, I’d definitely recommend that you take the plunge! My advice is, if you’re able to, try out the role first or even just visit the country and workplace for a short time frame just to get a feel of what it’s like."

Before I made the decision to stay in the UK, I was lucky enough to have the chance to work here temporarily for three months. So if that is something available to you, try that first before making a final decision!

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