Why apprenticeships are the way forward

Apprenticeships can be a big step into the right direction; positioning yourself within a global company, learning what the business is all about and taking advantage of great opportunities whilst gaining financial independence is a win-win situation.

 At Keyfuels, we currently offer the Customer Services Level 2 apprenticeship through our provider Walsall College.

The key things we’re looking for in an apprentice are a good standard of general education, with GCSES in Maths & English, IT literate with accurate keyboard skills, good communications skills –both written and verbal -, attention to detail, methodical and process driven with a strong flair for customer service. They must also be prepared to continue with their studies.

We’ve employed lots of apprentices over the years and still have a number of those with us today, in full time operations roles.

Jazmin, one of our current apprentices, Gemma and Erika (past apprentices) tell us more about their journey with their apprenticeships and Keyfuels.

JAZMIN – Customer Service apprentice

 I’m currently completing a Customer Service apprenticeship. This means I’m in the work place 90% of the time, learning how to treat customers and talk to them whilst giving them a high quality service. However I also have to go into college every so often and have visits at work, so the college can observe me and see how I work. Alongside this, I also get work to complete in my own time, which goes towards my course work.

This year, the apprenticeship for Customer Service has changed; if I pass, I’ll receive 5 GCSES. I have more work to complete this year from the college and I have an assessment at the end which is carried out by a third party. To pass the apprenticeship and get my qualification, I need to pass with 100%!

During a typical day as an apprentice, it starts with me completing paper work for the service team and carrying out the supply for the diesel desk. After that, I’ll do some ticket numbers and this will be my morning complete. In the afternoon, I’ll do some more ticket numbers, franking and supply until around 5, where I’ll then go and pick cards for service.

Right now, my favourite thing about being an apprentice is the training; I find the phone training exciting! I’ve also learned a great deal about the company itself and the whole fuel card industry. Keyfuels is a very welcoming family.

“I’m so glad I chose an apprenticeship; they give young people a chance to gain a huge amount of responsibility and freedom. It also gives you a chance to learn and become part of a company that are looking to teach you and train you, all whilst earning money; the money part will help young people learn how to budget and take control of their money”.

 GEMMA – Service Delivery Co-ordinator

I saw my apprenticeship advertised on Indeed two and half years ago; I decided to start an apprenticeship as it was the best option for me. It has landed me into a business where there is many routes to take to develop my career.

One of the most valuable things I’ve taken away from my apprenticeship is that teamwork is key. My challenge at the start was not being that confident on the phones, but as I’ve learnt, gained more experience and received support from other staff, there isn’t any stopping me now!

Gemma Mansell.

Gemma Mansell.

Now, my job title is Service Delivery Co-ordinator; my role includes making and dispatching the Keyfuels cards and also dealing with customer queries.

“It’s a great feeling, when you’ve helped either a customer or site who is desperate for help. It’s even nicer when they’re grateful and thankful at the end as it makes you feel like you’ve done your job well”.

Working at Keyfuels has a family feel; everyone is so nice and easy to get on with. The staff socialise outside of work hours due to events put on by the social committee but we also arrange our own meet ups. Being one of the younger ones in the office, I do get many other members of staff looking out for me and if I ever need someone to talk to, there is always someone willing to listen.

I’d recommend an apprenticeship, not just because it has worked out for me, but you get a mixture of benefits; you’re working, earning a wage whilst still getting a qualification. Now, I want to improve my skills and hopefully move up the career ladder here within Keyfuels; in 5 years’ time I’d love to aim for one of the account manager roles.

ERIKA – Stock Controller

 I’m a Stock Controller and my job involves helping sites with reconciliation, ensuring all data is accurate and to make the necessary adjustments to customers’ fuel transactions. My favourite thing about my job is speaking to sites and customers over the phone to help solve any questions they may have.

Erika Judge

Erika Judge

I came across my apprenticeship on the Universal Job Match. The job looked like something different and I had always been keen to speak with customers on the phone.

I would definitely recommend apprenticeships, as you receive a great deal of support and learn a tremendous amount. Keyfuels is a very friendly place to work and I haven’t seen other companies look after their employees as well as they do here. I hope I still get to work here for a very long time!


Interested in carrying out an apprenticeship?

If you’re looking for a UK Apprenticeship, there are a number of sites to help you through every step, including gov.uk to help you find a work placement.

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