Why charitable giving is a big part of FLEETCOR Russia's culture

At FLEETCOR Russia, we’re dedicated to helping charitable causes.  Giving back is a big part of our culture; we believe that not only is it good for the soul but helps to bring our employees together, boost productivity, morale and increase employee satisfaction.  Anna Savelyeva, Russia’s HR Business Partner, discusses how FLEETCOR Russia have given back to the community in the past year.

‘Give to the Good’ charity program.

In 2015, FLEETCOR Russia started an internal charity program called ‘Give to the Good’. Every year, the program helps a welfare shelter for children and adolescents based in a town called Seltso.  The shelter help children in difficult situations and provide accommodation, rehabilitation, social services and prevent young people from getting on the wrong side of the law.

Visiting the shelter at Christmas time.

Visiting the shelter at Christmas time.

“The shelter originally reached out to us for help. Their building had been flooded and was in bad condition; the roof was damaged and so were the floors. Our HR team informed our employees about the situation in a newsletter and the response we received from our employees, about wanting to help out, was fantastic!” – Anna Savelyeva, FLEETCOR Russia’s HR Leader.

We organise collections of essential items - such as clothes, shoes, toys and books - for the children and raise funds through donation pots and annual charity fairs! We also make sure to attend any performances that the children are involved with, so that we can show our support and bring in treats during special holidays such as Knowledge Day (September 1st) and the New Year.

So far, we’ve been able to repair the floors from the damage left behind from flooding, have bought printers, scanners, photocopiers and a projector for classes taught at the shelter, provided new seating areas and a statue of a gold deer which the children loved! It’s extremely rewarding seeing the shelter improve due to our help and seeing how much the staff and children appreciate our work.

Raising money for a child who needed urgent medical treatment.

Alexei Novikov, aged one, was born with Craniosynostosis; a condition which causes to bones in the skull to fuse prematurely. He needed Craniosynostosis surgery, to reconstruct the bones of the cranial vault, correct his abnormal head shape and to give the brain more room to grow in the skull.

Alexei Novikov.

Alexei Novikov.

A charity called ‘Life Line’ was raising money to fund this surgery. We wanted to get involved, so we put a number of collection pots in the coffee rooms in our offices. The amount needed to fund his treatment was raised and his operation was carried out successfully! We were so pleased to hear this!

“Because of the operation, Alexei has been able to develop normally! Even though the operation was carried out not too long ago, it’s already noticeable how much he’s changed and his quality of life has improved. He’s beginning to catch up with other children his age. We can’t thank the people who have donated towards his surgery enough; it’s amazing that Alexei is healthy and able to grow up, as a normal child, and not be defined by his congenital disorder.” – Alexei Novikov’s parents.

Liza Alert Search and Rescue Team.

The Liza Alert Search and Rescue Team is a non-profit search and rescue volunteer organisation. They search for missing people, of any age group, and co-operate with the police.  The organisation was named after five year old Liza Fomkina; in 2010 she died of hyperthermia in a woodland area of Russia after 9 day unsuccessful search mission. They provide searches free of charge and are always carried out by volunteers.

A local eleven year old boy went missing and this became highly publicised in the media. Our ‘Sales Manager’, Olga Linkova, appealed to HR, asking if we could raise awareness of a search Liza Alert Search and Rescue Team were conducting later that evening. We sent out messages to our employees about the situation: a group of employees – three of our ‘Sales Managers’ Irina Gayday, Tatyana Vayeva and Olga Linkova, our ‘Supervisor of the Customer Support Department’ Anton Sinitsyn and our ‘Specialist of Sales Support Group’ Marina Kozlova -  were organised to help assist in the search.

The team searched until 1 AM and thankfully, the little boy was found without any injuries! He had cycled to the shops on his own and followed the wrong path in the woods and had gotten lost. We feel so proud that the team gave up their time to assist the rescue team, who rely on volunteers in order to carry out these searches, and that they were able to return him to his parents safely.

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