Why Christmas was for giving at FLEETCOR Prague

Charitable giving is a big part of life for employees at our FLEETCOR office in Prague. In addition to charity breakfasts, the team regularly donate to Dobrý anděl – a Czech charity supporting families who are in financial need due to serious illness. Continuing this tradition of charitable giving, Aneta Černá and Hana Ševčíková met with patients and staff at Bulovka Hospital.

Why we wanted to help Bulovka Hospital

After staff organized a range of successful fundraising activities during ‘Employee day’, FLEETCOR agreed to double the amount our employees had raised.

“Our office is based right next to the Hospital, and on our lunch breaks we often meet the Doctors and Nurses in the local restaurants. We know how hard their job can be, so we knew immediately where we wanted to use the money we’d raised. It was a spokesperson for the hospital who helped us choose the right gift: new, flexible shower chairs – something the patients could appreciate every day. ” Aneta Černá – HR Recruiter.

During Employee day, staff were also given the chance to build wooden cars for children at the Hospital. The cars were also donated on the day as an extra gift.

Meeting the patients and staff at Bulovka Hospital

On the day of the visit, management, Doctors, Nurses and a Spokesperson for the Hospital attended to personally thank FLEETCOR for the donation. Afterwards, FLEETCOR Operations Director Hana Ševčíková was shown around the child surgical department and the patient aftercare department.

“It’s never a very nice feeling visiting a children’s ward; understandably the children feel sad about being separated from their parents, and the whole hospital stay can be very tough for them. It was so lovely to see that they liked the wooden cars we gave them- almost immediately they tried to race the cars in the corridor!” Hana Ševčíková, Operations Director in CCS.

The Staff from the hospital explained that they were always very thankful for any gifts, regardless of how big or small – and that wards helping the elderly often have limited funds. This can make it a struggle to purchase specialist equipment like adapted shower chairs, although these tools could help make their work easier.

“In the aftercare department - where people care for patients who can hardly move and need specialist care - it was obvious that the gift brought the most joy to the Nurses, because it made their work much easier. I was also surprised to meet the hospital dog, walking among beds and helping to cheer up the patients!” Hana Ševčíková, Operations Director in CCS.

Continuing our charitable giving in 2018

Our Prague office have already started planning numerous charitable events for 2018, including 2 employee volunteering days at both a local hospital and a local dog shelter. The day will include painting, decorating and repairs where needed.

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